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Nonno Giulio

Extravergin Olive Oil

Organic certification by Codex


Giulio Viola, aged 87 years old, is proud to produce the very pure and natural EVOO "Nonno Giulio", that embodies the age-old oil tradition of an island kissed by the sun. The  superior quality and taste of this oil  is given by a continuous and careful work of his own olive grove, in the strictly respect of nature and tradition.

The very strong and  pungent  taste derives from a special olive varietal: Nocellara del Belice. 

The Nocellara olive varietal is a cultivar native of Sicily, its aromas reminiscent of tomato leaves, mown grass, mint and sweet almond. The oil obtained from this cultivar has a fresh balance of bitter and spicy, as the oil is freshly squeezed, and is complex with multiple flavors.

                          Tasting Notes
Green with golden undertones

Medium fruity, tomato leaf, floral nuances

Very delicate with slight bitterness and persistent piquancy

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